Regatta 2016

Clevedon Sailing Club's 58th Regatta was held on Monday 2 May 2016.  A 20 knot building to 30 knot south-westerly plus rain, kept visitors and club sailors alike away.  6 boats, each of a different class, braved the elements and left the slipway.  Before the 1st race, Paul Sheldon (Laser) suffered a broken mast on a training beat.  Swiftly towed off the course, he assisted with the Beach Party, which later proved essential.

Race 1 saw the faster handicap boats and club stalwarts unfettered by the worsening conditions.  This included, Martin & Ella Gibson (Tasar), Robin Goff (D-Zero), Stuart Turner and Trevor Baker (420) and Phil Isaac (Phantom).  The conditions proved too much for father and daughter team, Mark and Rachel Elliott (RS200) who retired and returned to the slipway.  At the same time, Phil Isaac's dagger board found a rocky outcrop and he ended up beached precariously below the rocks.  His quick thinking, nimbleness and lightweight boat saved his Phantom from serious damage as he swiftly jumped out, set his boat on the opposite tack and headed off in pursuit of the leaders.   As the boats neared the pier mark they found that it had completely submerged by the rising tide which made for some interesting decisions by the helms on how and where to sail the proper course.

The next sailor to find the conditions too much was Paul Hield (Contender).  Overwhelmed and struggling to control his gybes he capsized several times being simply overpowered.  He retired and was towed home by the Safety Boat who by now were having a busy time of it.   Race 1 saw Martin & Ella Gibson 1st, Robin Goff 2nd, Stuart Turner & Trevor Baker 3rd and Phil Isaac 4th.

The 2nd race, now reduced to just 3 boats saw the wind strength had increased further with large waves now breaking on the shore.  The competitors raced in the deteriorating conditions and it was decided shorten the course.  Race 2 results: Martin & Ella Gibson 1st, Robin Goff 2nd, Phil Isaac 3rd.  Race 3 was abandoned to the comfort of the Clubhouse.

Overall Results

1st: Martin & Ella Gibson (Tasar)

2nd: Phil Isaac (Phanton)

3rd: Robin Goff (D-Zero)

4th: Stuart Turner & Trevor Baker (420)

Overall winners - Martin and Ella Gibson

Overall winners - Martin and Ella Gibson

Easter Bonnet 2016

Five boats took to the water for this year’s Easter Bonnet. Although windy, that did not stop many getting their boats wet for the first time this year. Martin Gibson continued his winning ways, but this time with the help of daughter Ella in the Tasar. Abbi selected a good sized sail for her Laser, being able to comfortably handle the windy conditions. Securing 2nd place.

Phil took 3rd place before suffering boat failure, which saw him take a swim. Paul was travelling well in his Contender taking 4th place and although also went swimming a few times. Is perfecting the art of righting his boat in a super quick time! A slightly fragile Stuart and Trevor were out in their newly purchased 420. Despite having the mast fall, they had just managed to complete the first race.

Day 2 was not able to happen due to storm Katie making it too windy!



1st - Martin & Ella Gibson (Tasar)

2nd - Abbi Ruffle (Laser 4.7)

3rd - Phil Isaac (Phantom)

4th - Paul Heild (Contender)

5th - Stuart Turner & Trevor Baker (420)

Sailing Season has Started!

The new sailing season got underway on Sunday 20th March 2016, with six boats taking to the water. The conditions were nice for the first day back, in normal Clevedon fashion slightly changeable. Starting with more wind then forecast in the first race, to dropping off to nearly nothing by the end of the last race.

Martin Gibson got a good start in both, making it difficult to catch him! While the Solo and other Lasers battled it out behind, not far behind having a great race, was Grace Cherry in the Topper who took 2nd place in the first race.

The sun came out and it was a lovely way to start what we hope to be another successful sailing season. Easter weekend has two days of sailing for the Easter Bonnet on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th March 2016 both days’ first race starting at 9am.

Burn's Night - Saturday 23rd January 2016

7.30pm for 8pm

This event is a black tie dinner followed by Clevedon Sailing Club's infamous box auction. And of course Blue (piper) will join us once again to play a jig or two to celebrate the birthday of the famous Scottish poet.

If you would like to attend the social event please let us know your menu choices (please see choices below), by emailing by Monday 18th January.

Christmas Prize Draw

The Christmas draw took place last Friday with a slightly different way of picking the winners. Darts where thrown at the board to hit the baubles, here are a few snaps from the evening...

Thank-you to all those who purchased a bauble

Paper Boat Race 2015


Congratulations to this years winner of the Paper Boat Race which took place on Boxing Day. Despite many starters, there were only a select few boats that made it to the other end of the lake, and only one which made it all the way across, this was Jon Summers.


Jon Summers

Lunatics Race - 20th December 2015

Yesterday was the last race of our season, despite quite challenging conditions, there were four 'lunatics' who took to the water.

The wind varied throughout the race, from very strong to easing off and then back strong, which did mean a few swims for Phil! But this did not stop him taking 1st place, followed by Benedict and Rory Whybrow (Tasar) in 2nd and Chris Copper (Laser Radial) 3rd.

Here's to next season - Next years Programme and Open Events schedule to follow.

Race Winner - Phil Isaac (Phantom)

Christmas is coming...

Club looking festive for the Christmas period,

Christmas Party next weekend!

Saturday 19th December 2015 - 8pm

Paper Boat Race Rules

Boxing Day - Marine Lake - 1pm


Design Rules

  1. The boat should be made primarily of paper or cardboard, exceptions to this rule are outlined below.
  2. Two styles of hull design are permitted. Monohull and Multihull; no other shape is permitted. The design of all craft must be boat like in spirit (boxes are not allowed).
  3. The maximum dimensions are as follows:
    • Monohull shall not exceed 12 inches in length
    • Multihull shall not exceed 12 inches in length and 8 inches in breadth
    • Rudders and bowsprits will be included in the lengths stated.
  4. There is no restriction in sail area.
  5. Rule 1 suggests that other materials may be used in the construction of the paper boats, these exceptions are:-
    1. Ballast in the form of nails or screws maybe used to stabilize Monohulls.
    2. Wood may be used for the construction of masts for both styles of hull.
    3. A thread or cotton or similar materials may be used to support the mast and control the sails.
  6. The boats may be fastened with glue or adhesive tape. Other materials may be             allowed at the discretion of the race officer.
  7. The boats may be painted any colour the builder fancies.

Racing Rules

  1. A maximum of one boat per entrant is allowed to race. However a boat may be built and raced by more than one person.
  2. The course is to be set by The Race Officer on the day.
  3. Boats must stay in one piece and not disintergrate. Those which do fall apart will be deemed to have Retired.
  4. Boats which capsize will also be considered as Retired.
  5. The first boat to complete the course in accordance with these rules shall be considered the winner.
  6. Protests; if there are any will be heard by a quorum of sailing committee members.


    Laying Up Supper Prize-Giving

    Spring Series

    1st - Robin Goff (D-Zero)

    2nd - Phil  Isaac (Phantom)

    3rd - Martin Gibson (Laser)

    1st Cadet - Grace Cherry (Topper)

    Summer Series

    1st - Robin Goff (D-Zero)

    2nd - Martin Gibson (Laser)

    3rd - Phil  Isaac (Phantom)

    1st Cadet - Grace Cherry (Topper)

    Evening Series

    1st - Robin Goff (D-Zero)

    2nd - Martin Gibson (Laser)

    3rd - Phil  Isaac (Phantom)

    1st Cadet - Grace Cherry (Topper)

    Cadet of the Year

    Powder Monkey Trophy

    Grace Cherry

    Rudderless Trophy

    Stuart Turner (Laser)

    The Regatta this year not only saw Stuart upside down, but his Rudder going in the opposite direction to his boat and sinking into the depths of the sea!

    Presidents Trophy

    1st - Pursuit Race - Martin Gibson (Laser)

    Elton Trophy


    Cordelia Twigge

    For her consent support and help at the club, stepping in to cover rescue boat and OOD at short notice, the outstanding calmness showed in a very testing day at the Regatta this year. 

    Commodores Award

    Carol Gell

    For supporting Phil throughout his time as Commodore, keeping him in check and organised.

    Best Improver

    Jubilee Cup

    Anna Marriott

    John Ashley Trophy - 28 June 2015

    After a 30 minute postponement due to squall passing through race officer of the day Howard East got this year’s John Ashley Trophy underway. A large course in the Channel had been set with a short first beat to the Bandstand mark followed by a very long one to the Clevedon Buoy and a run to the Avon buoy before returning via the end of the pier to the start line. Although the wind ashore didn’t seem that strong offshore it was, and with large waves conditions were demanding. Jon Somers and his son Diggory sensibly decided this was too much for their Miracle and retired early in the race. In the meantime Phil Isaac (Phantom) and Martin Gibson (Laser) battled it out to the Clevedon

    buoy with Isaac finding the Phantom over-powered just rounding behind Laser. However, he quickly overtook Gibson on the run and pulled further ahead on the following reaches. The following Lasers of Chris Cooper, Paul Sheldon and Martin White also struggled and there were several capsizes. Despite pulling ahead on the reaches of the second lap Isaac was unable to beat the Laser on handicap. Fortunately there was a capable beach party to retrieve the dinghies and the 2 safety RIBs in the large waves on the slip and there was no damage to any boats, just a few bruised and tired sailors.

    Race Rules Night - 24 April 2015

    The Sailing Committee has great pleasure in inviting all sailing club members and guests to attend a talk on RACE RULES by renowned ISAF rules specialist JON NAPIER.

    Jon is the Competitions Manager and In-House Counsel at the International Sailing Federation and a highly respected expert on the ISAF racing rules.  He regularly attends events worldwide.  His talk will begin with ‘the basics’, which he then develops and illustrates with various common scenarios. His style is entertaining and informal and questions can be asked at any time. 

    Jon is a lawyer by profession specialising in Sports Resolution and Arbitration. His expertise and clarity on racing is both compelling and understandable and will appeal to everyone from regular and occasional racers, cadets and ‘experts’.

    Please note: The bar will be open from 7.00 pm but is likely to be closed at 7.30 pm in order not to disturb the presentation. Please arrive in time to get a drink and settle down for what is likely to be a very enjoyable and informative event!


    The Sailing Committee


    Easter Bonnet - 12 April 2015

    Clevedon Sailing Club’s 2015 season opened last weekend with the Easter Bonnet held on Sunday. Only 6 boats turned out on the day, probably due the gale warning forecast the previous evening. Competitors were not disappointed and the 3 races were held in strong south westerly winds. Race 1 saw Stuart Turner in the Laser Radial not far behind the faster Phantom of Phil Isaac and D-Zero of Robin Goff beating them both on handicap. Both Isaac and Goff capsized at the gybe mark in race 2 and after difficulties righting the boats decided to join the Vision of Martin and Monty White ashore. Turner went on to win with Gibson, who had also capsized, just behind him. Only the 3 Laser Radials of Turner, Baker and Gibson were left for race 3 with Gibson leading from start to finish.


    1st - Stuart Turner (Laser Radial)

    2nd - Martin Gibson (Laser Radial)

    3rd - Trevor Baker (Laser Radial)

    Phil Issac (Phantom)

    Phil Issac (Phantom)