Paper Boat Race Rules

Boxing Day - Marine Lake - 1pm


Design Rules

  1. The boat should be made primarily of paper or cardboard, exceptions to this rule are outlined below.
  2. Two styles of hull design are permitted. Monohull and Multihull; no other shape is permitted. The design of all craft must be boat like in spirit (boxes are not allowed).
  3. The maximum dimensions are as follows:
    • Monohull shall not exceed 12 inches in length
    • Multihull shall not exceed 12 inches in length and 8 inches in breadth
    • Rudders and bowsprits will be included in the lengths stated.
  4. There is no restriction in sail area.
  5. Rule 1 suggests that other materials may be used in the construction of the paper boats, these exceptions are:-
    1. Ballast in the form of nails or screws maybe used to stabilize Monohulls.
    2. Wood may be used for the construction of masts for both styles of hull.
    3. A thread or cotton or similar materials may be used to support the mast and control the sails.
  6. The boats may be fastened with glue or adhesive tape. Other materials may be             allowed at the discretion of the race officer.
  7. The boats may be painted any colour the builder fancies.

Racing Rules

  1. A maximum of one boat per entrant is allowed to race. However a boat may be built and raced by more than one person.
  2. The course is to be set by The Race Officer on the day.
  3. Boats must stay in one piece and not disintergrate. Those which do fall apart will be deemed to have Retired.
  4. Boats which capsize will also be considered as Retired.
  5. The first boat to complete the course in accordance with these rules shall be considered the winner.
  6. Protests; if there are any will be heard by a quorum of sailing committee members.