Regatta 2016

Clevedon Sailing Club's 58th Regatta was held on Monday 2 May 2016.  A 20 knot building to 30 knot south-westerly plus rain, kept visitors and club sailors alike away.  6 boats, each of a different class, braved the elements and left the slipway.  Before the 1st race, Paul Sheldon (Laser) suffered a broken mast on a training beat.  Swiftly towed off the course, he assisted with the Beach Party, which later proved essential.

Race 1 saw the faster handicap boats and club stalwarts unfettered by the worsening conditions.  This included, Martin & Ella Gibson (Tasar), Robin Goff (D-Zero), Stuart Turner and Trevor Baker (420) and Phil Isaac (Phantom).  The conditions proved too much for father and daughter team, Mark and Rachel Elliott (RS200) who retired and returned to the slipway.  At the same time, Phil Isaac's dagger board found a rocky outcrop and he ended up beached precariously below the rocks.  His quick thinking, nimbleness and lightweight boat saved his Phantom from serious damage as he swiftly jumped out, set his boat on the opposite tack and headed off in pursuit of the leaders.   As the boats neared the pier mark they found that it had completely submerged by the rising tide which made for some interesting decisions by the helms on how and where to sail the proper course.

The next sailor to find the conditions too much was Paul Hield (Contender).  Overwhelmed and struggling to control his gybes he capsized several times being simply overpowered.  He retired and was towed home by the Safety Boat who by now were having a busy time of it.   Race 1 saw Martin & Ella Gibson 1st, Robin Goff 2nd, Stuart Turner & Trevor Baker 3rd and Phil Isaac 4th.

The 2nd race, now reduced to just 3 boats saw the wind strength had increased further with large waves now breaking on the shore.  The competitors raced in the deteriorating conditions and it was decided shorten the course.  Race 2 results: Martin & Ella Gibson 1st, Robin Goff 2nd, Phil Isaac 3rd.  Race 3 was abandoned to the comfort of the Clubhouse.

Overall Results

1st: Martin & Ella Gibson (Tasar)

2nd: Phil Isaac (Phanton)

3rd: Robin Goff (D-Zero)

4th: Stuart Turner & Trevor Baker (420)

Overall winners - Martin and Ella Gibson

Overall winners - Martin and Ella Gibson